Bode’s (M81) and Cigar (M82) Galaxy

Seems everyday is fraught with issues, which emphasises the real need to following a set workflow for set up of your rig if you are not lucky enough to have a permanent set up.

Mistakes this time round included, but probably not limited to:

  • Forgetting to attach counter weight to the counterweight bar
  • Mounting Filter-wheel in the camera train pointing downwards (M81 is pretty much at the zenith for my latitude, and hence the filter-wheel collided with the mount during exposures – which had to be discaraded).

It’s a case of constant learning. I did draft a workflow document, but the weather meant I did most of the set up in the dark. Time to update the document with the lessons learned and remember to actually follow it in the future.

5 120s L, R, G & B exposures, no darks, bias, or flats used (was annoyed and kicking myself for the problems, so didn’t bother.)

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