All Sky Camera #7

I have finally changed the overlay on the all sky camera to match (somewhat) the orientation of the stars for when I place it. I guess this improves the educational value of the system.

There are a few improvements left to do, some of these will obviously depend on budget:

  • Waterproofing.
  • Better Camera.
  • Better Lens.
  • Permanent location.

2 thoughts on “All Sky Camera #7

  1. Aaron Morris

    Very nice. I noticed you were using allsky-website with indi-allsky. Does the “end of night” upload from indi-allsky work well?

    1. giles Post author

      I edited some of the allsky-website scripts to manipulate how the filenames are interpreted, and run a daily cron to rename the files.

      Perhaps you could incorporate an option to make the files compatible?


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