All Sky Camera #3

Equipment has been drip feeding to complete a build. I’m currently testing powering the Pi4 and the ZWO camera via a SkyWatch 17mAh PowerTank. I am hoping that this would allow me to run the All Sky camera for a whole night without needing mains power.

Items I have:

  • CCTV clear dome
  • Some Steel brackets
  • Various M3, M4, M6 Nuts and bolts
  • A 12V –> 5V 3A USB power converter
  • Various Cables
  • Pi4 4GB
  • ZWO ASI120MC-S
  • Cigarette Lighter 12V Power plug & cable

Items I’m waiting on:

  • PVC Junction Box (hopefully arriving today)
  • Power Connector Strips (collecting later)
  • Holesaw Kit for my drill (collecting later)
  • Cable Glands for sealing the power lead (arriving tomorrow)

Hope to get an initial build done over the weekend..

Some initial test show that:

  • Current ambient temperatures allow for enclosed operation without the need for any additional cooling.
  • The PowerTank can probably last 24 hours without needing a recharge.

Just one hole so far needed into the junction box. Hopefully the last one.

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