All Sky Camera #4

So, I left it running overnight, and we hit some issues. Thankfully it was mostly dry, but there was a lot of dew.

I have now mounted 4 100 ohm resistors within the dome, and attached them, in parallel, to the 3.3V line on the Raspberry Pi. It should give me 0.43W of heat to the dome area. They’re connected to a breadboard, so I can easily disconnect one of the resistors if it gets too hot, or I can move to the 5V line on the Raspberry Pi for 1W of heat.

I’m unsure if there was just too much water, or if I was out of focus or something, or perhaps seeing overnight just wasn’t any good.

I’m also unsure about the handling of the ASI120MC-S camera by the allsky software. It could be that I need a better camera (this is the cheapest you can get really). So an upgrade to something like an ASI178MC or ASI178MM might be in order.

One thing I will be trying now, is to use my USB 500GB SSD drive, with a new install of Raspberry OS Buster (10), and try out the indi-allsky web package. It may allow me to change some settings that are not functioning ideally on the standard allsky package. Of course, this change will probably mean the Allsky camera website will not be updated in a while until I fix things to upload properly.

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