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Faffing Around, trying to get automated Astrophotogrphy working

OK, so the worst conception you can have about someone into astronomy, is that they sit around, outside, with a thermos flask, looking at sky pictures.

The truth is we, astrophotographers, sit indoors, during this time of self-isolation and social-distancing, trying to work out how to get the telescope to work itself.

This is fraught with problems, and a lot of the time, means going outside to check that everything is actually doing what it is supposed to do.

Quick video, feel free to fast forward, on how that process works.

Final picture to follow…

Practice Processing with Example Data from the Internet (M31)

This is an example of processing data of the Andromeda Galaxy, with Astro Pixel Processor. The data was obtained from the Internet, rather than captured with my equipment (cloudy and windy the last few nights).

Here is the link to the raw data:

There are some other targets available there, I’ve seen some other processed data and the nebulae are quite astonishing.

An issue I have with using practice data, is that often the data is just too perfect, otherwise it won’t have found its way on to the Internet. It sometimes is more instructive to try and process bad data and make something good of it rather than process just good data.