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Soul Nebula (IC1848) Revisited

So, another cloudless night, how lucky we are. Disappointed with the results of two nights ago, I revisited the Soul Nebula, and this time get somewhat better quality in places that were disappointing. Here are the new results.

I may try and join the two sessions together and see whether I can pull any more detail from the two.

So. Now what we are able to do, if merge the results from Monday evening with the results from Wednesday and build a composite mosaic, I fiddled with the colour palette to bring out the detail. We can continue to add exposures and the mosaic would eventually lose the noticeable borders.

Bode’s (M81) and Cigar (M82) Galaxy

Seems everyday is fraught with issues, which emphasises the real need to following a set workflow for set up of your rig if you are not lucky enough to have a permanent set up.

Mistakes this time round included, but probably not limited to:

  • Forgetting to attach counter weight to the counterweight bar
  • Mounting Filter-wheel in the camera train pointing downwards (M81 is pretty much at the zenith for my latitude, and hence the filter-wheel collided with the mount during exposures – which had to be discaraded).

It’s a case of constant learning. I did draft a workflow document, but the weather meant I did most of the set up in the dark. Time to update the document with the lessons learned and remember to actually follow it in the future.

5 120s L, R, G & B exposures, no darks, bias, or flats used (was annoyed and kicking myself for the problems, so didn’t bother.)

North Americcan Nebula

This is another attempt at my astrophotography. The North American Nebula.

Still issues, was trying out a battery to see if I could power the rig at a remote site, things started to go wrong and I had to discard all the Luminance exposures.

I had wanted to get more exposures, but unfortunately, after sorting out the issues and reverting to AC power source there was no time.

I also wanted to focus between each filter change (as the scope is achromatic), but missed that setting, hence the blue fringes for the stars.

The narrow band filters came out OK though.